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Of Education and Liberty Part 1

Unconstitutional Immigration/Executive Orders

Of Money and Liberty


Separation of Powers


The Moral Imperative of Liberty 

The Moral Imperative of Liberty Part 2

Constitutional Lies Part 1
(Welfare Clause, Tax Clause, Interstate Commerce Clause, Necessary and Proper Clause)

Constitutional Lies Part 2
(Supremacy Clause, Treaty Power)

Constitutional Lies Part 3

Constitutional Lies Part 4
(Second Amendment)

Constitutional Lies Part 5 (Religion, Our Civic Responsiblity)

Dangerous Proposed Amendments #1

Dangerous Proposed Amendments #2 (Line Item Veto, Term Limits, Family)

Dangerous Proposed Amendments Part 3  (Destruction of Federalist Structure)

Education Part 1

Education Part 2


Religious Liberties Part 1

America's Foundations

Article II of the United States Constitution: The President's Job Description--Part 1

Article II of the United States Constitution--Part 2

Religion in America part 1

Religion in America part 2

The Welfare State


08/18/2016--1:30 - How many states are you currently on the ballot for and how many are you working to get on by November's election? 6:41 - Why does the Constitution party platform oppose efforts to bestow common wealth on Puerto Rico and expand statehood beyond the current 50 states? 9:20 - Evan McMullin - please tell us more about him? 19:49 - A certain campaign has said the Castle/Bradley ticket is not pro-life. Please explain your plan to end abortion. 27:24 - Would the following criteria be adequate for proposed legislation? 1 - is it necessary? 2 - is it Constitutional? 3 - can we afford it? 32:53 - 3 fold questions about taxes - What are your tax plans if you are elected? Are you for a flat tax? What are your thoughts and plans for the IRS? 37:20 - Would you repeal or replace Obamacare? 41:44 - What would you do to combat terrorism and protect our citizens? 48:15 - How would you fortify/secure the borders of the United States?

08/25/2016--02:09 Should America be energy independent 08:00 Climate change/green scare tactics 16:05 states rights vs. federal money extortion 23:49 state secession 29:16 How do we get America back from Dems and GOP? 34:00 Nullification/marajuana 37:35 How do we educate people about liberty 41:45 Common Core/Homeschooling 45:50 Castle2016 campaign update/ballot access 51:15 Please get involved in the cause of liberty/Scott's oath to uphold the Constitution

09/01/2016--(local high winds cause power outage resulting in shortened Q&A) 01:52 Treaties/Paris Climate Accord 05:50 NATO withdrawal? 11:43 Article 5 amendment process

09/08/2016--2:34 - What federal government action or inaction poses the greatest treat to the typical American lifestyle? 11:24 - What can the President do Constitutionally to boost the economy? 18:30 - Where did we go wrong with giving the President all this power? 23:40 - How can voters make a difference? 29:00 - A Vote for Darrell is a vote for Hillary? 31:46 - If I'm paying into the system, am I taking other people's money? 36:53 - Regarding government programs, are we over budget? 39:05 - Will these big government plans eat away at us for the millennia? 42:20 - Are health saving accounts a bigger answer to health care? 45:51 - How do you feel about Aleppo?

09/22/2016--03:10 refugees/what is the president's role in secure borders 14:30 When America "solves" other nation's problems it only makes things worse 20:06 illegals and citizenship/anchor babies/14th amendment/immigration 32:25 the "difficult" process to gain US citizenship/redistribution of wealth is unconstitutional 39:52 war on drugs 46:45 American captain-spy Nathan Hale hanging/patriotism best exported by example not by enforcement 51:50 Dangerous proposed amendments




10/20/2016--3:40 - What are your thought on the presidential debates? Next 4 years? 16:55 - Please comment on what is going on in Mosul? 28:30 - What powers does the President have regarding terrorism? 39:00 - What can "we the people" do? 40:10 - Regarding black people, what does the 3/5ths mean? 51:25 - How can America become energy independent?


11/10/16--2:00 - After the election, what do we do now? 6:31 - Has Trump even read the Constitution? 12:30 - What are your thoughts on Trump as President? 17:58 - Were there more mail-in ballots this time? 22:42 - Electoral college - your thoughts? 38:20 - What do you think the future holds for Hillary? 44:56 - Trade with England? 49:01 - What are your predictions regarding Trump holding to his word about building walls and trades? 56:22 - What would you tell Americans to start doing now?

12/8/16--1:40 - Comment on Trumps recent posts about those who burn the American Flag. Should they be prosecuted? 9:40 - What are your thoughts on standing on taking a knee during the National Anthem? 16:20 - Thoughts on media coverage for this last election 21:09 - Should Congress hold hearings against those that hold FCC licences? 28:51 - The recent attack on Ohio campus is being linked to the Middle East. What do you think? 36:39 - During the campaign, Trump sometimes came across as favoring a less aggressive military campaign, at other times a "jump in and get it done" situation regarding the Middle East. Now that he has named retired military General Micheal T Flinn as his national security adviser, what direction does that move say about where his policies are going, and what about Mad Dog as Secretary of Defense and Kelly for Homeland Security? 46:31 - With both Romney and Huntsman having ties to Utah, for Secretary of State, who would you choose? 54:09 - What do you think about Pruitt for EPA?

12/29/16--2:20 - On Dec. 23rd, President Obama signed the latest National Defense Auth. Act. It includes a section that gives the federal government authority to develop and disseminate information that corrects misinformation and propaganda. Cngress gave this authority to be exercised at the highest levels of our government - Sec. of State, Sec. of Defense, Intelligence agencies. Please comment on this and NDAA bills in general. 21:33 - The Obama administration just made the Bears Ears National Monument in Southern Utah. Is there anything that can be done to reverse this action? 31:05 - Could you go into what habeas corpus is and why this is such an important part of the Constitution? Who suspended that part and why? 34:58 - Just before Christmas, the UN Security Counsel demanded that Israel halt settlements in territory Palestinians consider part of a future Palestine. What are your comments? 45:02 - I have heard Pres. Obama has recently forwarded the UN Small Arms Treaty to the US Senate for ratification. What are the chances it will be ratified and what effect will it have on our rights to keep and bear arms? 50:19 - Any thoughts regarding Greece and its debt situation?

1/5/17--00:10 Term limits and Lame duck session concerns 00:15 To have better government we need to be better people 00:20 Why is it so difficult to get an incumbent out / war chests 00:28 Where does it say in the Constitution that the Pres. or congress can make laws they don't have to follow? / Section 1 Article 1 says no nobility 00:32 Getting ethical politicians means we the people have to be the "ethics committee" every day 00:36 "Freedom Index" score card/ Liberty score card. If measured against the Constitution they may be helpful 00:42 Islam and ISIS questions and government interference in religion / The basis of our laws can be found in the Ten Commandments 00:51 Will Hillary Clinton scandal be prosecuted under Trump administration? 00:56 Could national monuments be sold off by the government to pay foreign debts?

 1/19/17--00:03 Sanctuary cities 00:19 Evan McMullin, establishment aims 00:23 Getting the deficit under control 00:29 U.N. Revolutions in California 00:39 One law per bill vs. "omnibus" stacks of laws per bill 00:45 How well will Trump adhere to the Constitution / U.N. 00:53 Obamacare Repeal? or just replaced?

1/26/17--00:08 We need a UNITED states, ONE nation (Constitution Preamble) 00:13 "do ordain and establish" clause explained 00:16 Pennsylvania commonwealth question 00:17 Trump executive orders: abortion, Mexico, etc. / Government not granted ANY authority to redistribute wealth 00:21 Roe v. Wade is 40 yrs old and still an egregious violation of the Constitution (we've lost 60 million of our own before they could draw their first breath); Blackstone wrote about abortion- unborn are legal persons; Judge Roberts is mixed-bag; Supreme court doesn't always get it right (Dred Scot ruling); Supreme court to interpret law only, not write it 00:30 Blackstone on abortion 00:35 Women's marches in DC and around the country 00:46 Do you think any of Trumps exec orders have been constitutional? Has congress done their part to control the Pres? 00:49 George Washington wrote to Bryan Fairfax: we need people of character to run for office 00:55 Utah and Idaho's ConCon promotions and obfuscations 00:57 Can states call a convention? 01:13 Federalist Paper 69 review

2/2/17--00:05 - Trump, torture, and intelligence 00:14 - Supreme court nominee, Obama 00:23 - Supreme court nominee 00:27 - Pro-Life Republicans during G.W. Bush 00:32 - Hillary Clinton emails, Trump Twitter security 00:41 - Party disparities 00:46 - Women in the Military, Draft 00:58 - Lithuania - Troops in

2/9/17--00:01 - U.N. Removal Act - HR 193 (American Sovereignty Restoration Act) 00:17 - Drone strikes against terrorists 00:28 - Hope for Republic - convince others 00:37 - Executive Orders Constitutionality 00:49 - Utah Lawmakers Vs. Bear's Ears Monument 00:57 - Trump supporters will not be served

2/16/17--00:01 - Convention of States? Can we remove HJR3 if it passes senate? Hide original message 00:18 - Dr. Bradley's book To Preserve the Nation is available as e-book 00:19 - Eliminate Dept. of Ed - How would education happen? 00:23 - Trumps Secretary of Labor was proposed and then withdrew 00:26 - Riots at Berkeley College 00:33 - Sanctions against Iran for Ballistic Missile Tests 00:39 - Military Grade Equipment to police forces 00:42 - Can Trump effectively withhold federal funds from sanctuary cites 00:48 - Elizabeth Warren cut off on the senate floor while questioning Jeff Sessions 00:52 - Resignation of National Security Adviser / The media wants us to think the Trump Administration is in disarray 00:58 - Fake News flurry

 2/23/17--min:01 HJR3 ConCon/ConventionofStates min:19 Changing the Constitution? 3/4 of states must ratify min:27 Obama legacy: unconstitutional min:37 4th circuit court--2nd amendment min:48 immigration suspension/ban min:53 presidential debates now open to third parties? min:58 filibuster definition