Chapter/Lecture 12: George Washington’s Farewell Address

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Published in 1796 as George Washington neared the completion of his second presidential term, this marvelous document reflects the love and devotion manifested by George Washington’s forty-five selfless years of service to his nation. In this address, he offers timeless, priceless advice to his nation, pleading with America to stay the course that had been established under the United States Constitution. If American leadership had unerringly applied his counsel, or if they would begin again to vigorously abide by it, the nation would be quickly restored to its place as the freest, most prosperous, happiest, and most respected nation upon the earth. This lecture encourages all to become familiar with Washington’s sound counsel and again insist that it be applied by American leadership. Approximately five hundred vocabulary words selected from George Washington’s Farewell Address are included in the appendix of this book. The definitions of these words, taken from Noah Webster’s 1828 publication, An American Dictionary of the English Language, are included so students may clearly understand and learn the words as they were understood by the Founding Fathers of the nation. This will facilitate future studies of the founding documents of the United States of America.

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