Chapter/Lecture 15: George Washington: “The Elegant Exercise of Power”—a Study in the Rare, Pure Exercise of Mortal Authority

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George Washington was one of those rare mortals who could be handed power but would not abuse it. He would be no tyrant, in any way, shape, or form — ever. Throughout his life, power was thrust upon him by those who would have him lead. He constantly made efforts to deflect power from himself, but the nation insisted, and he had power imposed upon him by a nation that desperately needed a leader to bring liberty to them. George Washington was the indispensable man in the establishment of the United States. He fulfilled his assignments with gracious humility, and each time his assignment was complete, he divested himself of the power he had been granted as quickly as he could. Numerous examples of Washington’s character and how he elegantly handled power without being corrupted by it are reviewed in this lecture.

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